Terrarium TV for iPhone/iPad – How to install on iOS devices

What do you usually do if you have a free time? Most people around the globe might answer that they prefer to spend the day by watching some movies or series. It is not surprising since there have been a number of good series as well as movies now. Commonly, we watch them on television or cinema. But, now we can also do this activity by using our smartphone or tablet. How come? Lately, there is a wide variety of mobile apps which allow you to watch films through your gadget. One of them is Terrarium TV. Here we will explain it to you along with how to install Terrarium TV for iPhone.

About Terrarium TV

If you want to watch movies or TV series via smartphone and tablet, then Terrarium TV is what you look for. It is an Android app which enables you to watch any shows you love. The shows they provide here are not only popular ones in the past, but also in the present, either it is TV series or films. For example, you may expect to see famous series like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, etc. You can also find movies such as Finding Dory, The Legend of Tarzan, and much more. There will be some more new shows coming up if you update the app.

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The fact that they provide almost any movies and TV shows are already remarkable. But, the other best part is that we can watch them all for free. Yes, there will be no charge for you to watch them. What’s more amazing is we can watch them in such a high resolution like 1080P. All in all, this is the best app which will ensure to entertain your days.

Awesome Features of Terrarium TV App

Terrarium TV has a lot of features which will make you love this application. The first one is obviously that it has almost any films and shows. Hence, you might be able to find your favorite one here. The second one is we can watch them in Full HD (1080P) as well as HD (720P). This allows you to watch in such a crystal clear image like on TV or theater. The third one is we can download the movies and watch it offline. However, you can also stream it if you want. The fourth feature is the availability of various subtitles. This one is certainly quite helpful for those non-English speakers. The fifth one is it supports Android TV and TV Box as well as Fire Stick and Fire TV.

The features above are only a few of which you can enjoy. There are still some more that you will like. In addition, in the next update, Terrarium TV offers some upcoming features such as track.tv support, anime shows, etc.

Terrarium for iOS features

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Terrarium TV Testimonials

Based on some of the features above, we can say that Terrarium TV is one amazing mobile app. But, does it really perform well? According to the people who have been using this app, the answer is yes. Most of them agree that this is the best app to watch movies and TV shows for free. They complimented how this app keeps getting better and better for every update. Even compared it with other similar apps and still claimed this one to be the best. They actually find some tiny bit of issues from this app, but they do not get bothered too much from those. The users still find it quite reliable on their smartphone and tablet.

Terrarium TV for iPhone/iPad – How To Download

Looking at how Terrarium TV has great features and positive reviews certainly make some of us want to install it soon. As we mentioned before, Terrarium TV is an application which is available on Android. But, what about iOS? Unfortunately, it is not available in such operating system. Download it via apk does not work either since iOS does not allow this action.

Download Terrarium TV for iPhone

Install Terrarium TV Movies App – Complete Guide

However, we do not say that you cannot download or install Terrarium TV for iPhone and iPad. You are still capable of doing it, but it requires some tricks. Here are some steps you can follow for that.

  • Install Vshare

The first thing you must do is installing Vshare. It is an app allowing you to download apps which are unavailable in the App Store. Yet, this app itself is not in the store either. If you try to install it from another source just like that, you might get a jailbreak. To obtain without dealing with the issue, go to your browser and type vshare.com in the URL. In the site, find ‘download/install Vshare’ and click it. There will be a pop-up notification, click on Install and the download process is started. After it finishes up, click on the app icon. You will get a warning because this app is not from App Store. Just click on ‘Trust’. Now the app is ready to use, and it is time to install Terrarium TV for iPhone.

  • Download Terrarium TV by Using Vshare

Using Vshare is quite easy. It is like using your App Store. First, click on the icon. Second, go to its search option and type Terrarium TV. Once you found it, click on download or install. That’s all you need to do. When the app is completely installed, you may use it right away.

  • Install MX Video Player

There is one thing you must know about Terrarium TV. You will not be able to watch any shows if you do not have MX Video Player. It helps you to play the show you want to enjoy. If you do not have it, you can just go to App Store and download it.

Those are all the steps you need to take to install Terrarium TV for iPhone and iPad. Now that you already know how to do it, you may start to install it soon so you can enjoy watching any of your favorite shows.

Terrarium TV for iPhone/iPad – How to install on iOS devices
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