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Privacy Policy You Need to Keep in Mind Before Using the Website

Hi! Thank you for visiting our website Before proceeding to use the site further, we have privacy policy you need to learn beforehand. The policy we set here will guide you to get a full experience in using it. Meanwhile, the policy we have arranged here is mainly about the information you provide us. Using our site means you have learned and accepted the terms and policies. Therefore, you must read it carefully.

Website Browsers/Visitors Information

There are 2 different policies we have made here. The first one is website browsers information. It is a policy specifically set for people who only browse our site and have no accounts.

In this part, we only keep basic information such as web server logs and cookies from them. The other things we will collect from visitors are language preference, entry and exit pages, the date and time of each request, browser type and much more.

There is one thing you must keep in mind. We do not collect any personal information from visitors. Yet, we do keep one which you may consider to be personal, and that is IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

There are several reasons why we collect such information from them. First, we do it because we want to learn how they use our website. Second, we use it in order to monitor our site so we can provide a better protection. Last, we need it for user traffic analysis. By analyzing it, we can enhance our performance for a better service to every visitor in the future.

Website Users/Subscribers Information

The second policy is about website users information. This one is a bit different from the first one. We made this policy specifically for those who intend to make an account or subscribe to us.

Here we collect some basic information like in the browser policy. However, we also collect personal information. This is usually required when you want to make an account. For example, when you sign up, you need to create a username and password. Moreover, you will have to fill out a form as well. And, that form contains sensitive information like your real name, email address, photo, etc.

We have a few reasons why we collect personal information.

  1. We need it to create your account
  2. We use it to identify you on our website
  3. It helps us to build your profile.You can share it too if you want
  4. This will be our method to communicate with you. We can send you some news about our site so you can stay updated


Some of you may feel insecure in giving such information. But, do not worry about it since we will use it properly to respect your privacy. Every single information you have shared with us at will be under our protection. In addition, we do not share any of them to other people without your permission.

Changing Policy

Please take note that the policy you have learned may change without any notices. So, you have to make sure to always check it when you are browsing our website.

Privacy Policy
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